Image of Alex Chitty, 'Untitled'
  • Image of Alex Chitty, 'Untitled'

Alex Chitty, 'Untitled'


eight double-sided offset prints on gloss paper in a hand-cut folder, 8 x 8"

Many of Alex Chitty’s 2-D compositions integrate whimsical combinations of found materials (often studio scraps) and leisure imagery (flowers, palm trees, exotic feathers). Casual references to the mundane processes of digital photography, such as trippy scanning effects and remnants of the digital workspace, add a sort of Max-Ernst-as-office-clown vibe to the visual narrative. However, Chitty’s humor is tempered with impeccable composition as well as a uniquely sculptural approach. Her use of wrapping, ripping, folding, dangling, encasing, and other odd deployments of display structures complicate our viewing experience, and sometimes propel the works out of the realm of photography — but still leave them hanging on with an almost-invisible, yet unbroken thread.

For No Coast Editions, we present a collection of 8 double-sided offset prints from Chitty, disguised as magazine tear-outs from an otherworldy scrapbook. The prints come in a handmade folder with windows.