Image of Andrew Holmquist, 'Two Face' or 'Towel Off'
  • Image of Andrew Holmquist, 'Two Face' or 'Towel Off'

Andrew Holmquist, 'Two Face' or 'Towel Off'


screenprints on paper, approx. 20 x 16” each

In his illustrations, books, and works on paper, Andrew Holmquist harnesses the same techniques of fragmentation, bold gesture, and challenging color palettes employed in his large-scale abstract paintings in order to weave more concise narratives. Splashes and sprays of color emerge from the page in contrast with more sensitive marks that outline the magical and emotional elements of the sequence.

For No Coast Editions, we present a screenprinted large-scale extractions from Holmquist's offset book Dancing With Shadows, “piecing together fragmented narratives that point to the power of connection and the pain of disconnection” (AH)